REAL WEDDING: Soph and Cal

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“Getting married is the beginning of an extraordinary adventure together”



Cal and I met at the infamous Hyde Street keg party in 2011 while studying at Otago. After graduation Cal scored an Engineer job in Oamaru and I travelled. I worked in a hospital in Mumbai for a few months before meeting up with Cal and we travelled through Vietnam together. On our return we decided that Oamaru was the perfect place to settle and buy our first home. In 2015 our greatest adventure began as we welcomed our daughter India into the world. Becoming parents was the beginning of an incredible journey that brought us even closer together.

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We were celebrating our 5th year anniversary. Cal had made plans for us to have dinner together at the beach. He picked up some burgers and beers and we sat on the beach, ate dinner, drank a few beers and chatted (mainly about our daughter India who was 1 at the time). As we were about to leave, Cal got down on one knee and proposed to me with my Mum’s engagement ring.


We were inspired by Cals’ love for DIY and all things recycled. So in keeping with this we collected and created a lot of the decor ourselves. To create the best eclectic set up possible we also had family and friends collect items for us from flowers, to jars, wooden pallets to blankets. This all came together at our venue Camp Iona, Herbert Forest.

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The style for our day was relaxed eclectic with festival vibes. It was important for us that our style was simply portrayed and executed in a way that reflected who we are. Our reception was set up picnic style with no seating plan or bridal table. We wanted guests to mix and mingle and sit wherever they desired. We had a wood fired pizza truck serving all-you-can-eat pizzas for dinner followed by a visit from Mr Whippy for desert.

The most unique part of our wedding was that we were actually legally married at the Courthouse in Dunedin prior to our wedding. We did this so that on our big day we could be ‘married’ by one of our best buds Briar. It was important for us to have someone special, who knew us both personally, stand between us as we read our vows and promised to spend the rest of our lives together.

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For us the most memorable moment was the moment we walked down the aisle after saying our “I dos’”. We both paused to look out to our guests and soak in the moment. It was a truly incredible feeling to be standing in front of all those who have impacted our lives in different ways and helped to shape us into the people and family we are today.

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Being able to spend the rest of your life with your best bud. Getting married is the beginning of an extraordinary adventure.

07: ADVICE...

Have fun, be true to yourselves and don’t sweat the small stuff. Make sure you make decisions based on what you both want, don’t let others influence or change ideas. ENJOY the process, as the day comes around really quickly. On your big day take a step back and soak in the moment.

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Photographer – Rachel Wybrow

Bridal Gown –  Brides of Merivale

Shoes - Iconic

Makeup – Bridget Harding Hair and Makeup Artist

Hair – Estella Hair Studio

Groom’s suit – Op shops and Hallensteins

Rings – Family heirlooms

Cake – Friend - Crystal Banks

Venue –  Camp Iona, Herbert Forest

Florist – Society Bloom


Sophie and Callan's wedding was also featured in Together Journal